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A next step in the journey for Edelweiss and one that embraces all we stand for in bringing the joy of live music into the homes of music lovers, in whatever artistic form they wish for. It further refines our focus on creating pianos especially for the home environment, be that a superyacht, palace or penthouse. 

The New Generation introduces a whole new finish and material spectrum, the introduction of two Sculptural Pieces chosen from the Goldfinch vault as well as three other fresh designs. It presents a selection of Musical Art Pianos such has never been seen before. 

This, coinciding with the launch of the all new S132 model grand piano, marks a new direction in combining art, music and design into a truly unique combination, whilst championing best of British manufacturing and all that Edelweiss is trusted for. 

The leading making of bespoke grand pianos for the home.



Everything we do starts with our belief that a piano is more than a musical instrument – it is a fundamental part of the modern home, an ingenious hub of entertainment that both attracts attention and compliments interior design. We believe in sharing the joy of live music with every music lover, and that there is a place for an Edelweiss in every luxury home.

The New Generation range is to celebrate this way of thinking, to change the way people think about the piano.  A grand piano does not need to be large to sound beautiful, it does not need to be black, classical and relevant only for the musician.

Edelweiss is where art and music combine to form a stunning statement piece, a beautiful furniture item that provides a live music concerto every night, be it via Virtuoso Self Play or musician.


With the New Generation Edelweiss are responding to feedback from designers and industry professionals – and our own insights into the market – using inspired pastel colourways and featuring materials such as wood veneers and liquid metals in harmony with the needs of the more pared-back look of the conservative luxury market. 

The all new S132 model is found inside most of the New Generation pianos, including the Sculptural Pieces. 


300 years of piano and 21st century innovation combine to create probably the best small grand piano in the world, the all new S132 is the foundation of our New Generation – it’s the first time the small grand piano has been redesigned from the ground up, and happens to be the small acoustic grand piano available on the market today. 

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