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Our Story

The story of Edelweiss and our family business.

Why Edelweiss

The Way We Think. Unlike traditional piano makers, we are a young and innovative family business that understands the wants and needs of the todays modern luxury consumer.   We are changing the traditional perception that a piano is an outdated, boring, black, big, loud instrument only for those that play.Our mission is to change the […]


By request only accessible for Interior Designers. Taking any brand of piano and customising it for you.

Climate Control

Climate fluctuations can have a negative impact on your piano and its lifespan. You can reduce the amount of maintenance, ensure your piano plays for longer and far more efficiently with and integrated climate control system.

Pianos for Superyachts

With a dedicated Superyacht Specification- carbon fibre action parts, a perma-forma soundboard to withstand the varying maritime conditions and design modifications to ensure a secure deck fixing- you are assured your investment will give concert quality, musical enjoyment, for a lifetime.

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