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In collaboration with Edelweiss - the first official Harrods Piano was unveiled in the foyer of The Residence, Shanghai in 2021.

Edelweiss Pianos welcome the first collaboration of its kind with internationally renowned, luxury department store, Harrods.

In 2017, Edelweiss had the iconic privilege of restarting the Harrods Music Department since it’s closure in 2013 after 118 years of trading

Since it’s closure in 2013 – you will now find the new look Harrods Piano Department nestled within the 3rd floor of the Furniture and Home department as Edelweiss Pianos.

We, like Harrods, are a proudly British company and with our latest collaboration it means one of the best, most classically British experiences can now be found in Shanghai.

“We were delighted to be asked to be part of the exclusive Harrods residence in Shanghai.” Says Tomas Norman, Managing Director at Edelweiss.

“What better location to place a UK, handmade, self-play piano, than a quintessential British tearoom?

When Harrods interior design team asked Edelweiss to be part of the stunning new interior, we could not wait to take up the challenge and get designing.”



The Harrods piano is the first of its kind. Designed to suit the interior of the decadent and colonial style building in Shanghai. The location itself has an antique floor, in keeping with its art deco style which is at the heart of the interior design.

‘We worked alongside the Harrods Interior Design team to create a piano that sat seamlessly into the décor but also made a statement and provided a practical focal piece to the space’, says Mark Norman, Design Director at Edelweiss.

The piano itself is a take on the smallest grand piano in the world – The Sygnet, a piano only offered by Edelweiss. The twin leg design is a mix of classic and contemporary with a liquid metal bronze finish and brass hardware. Accompanied by a unique semi-circular shape stool. The overall design is completed with the distinguished ‘H’ logo.

The Residence, Shanghai, is the first private shopping space dedicated to Chinese clients in Shanghai. Paving the way for a second Tea Room in Beijing the decadence of the Residence in Shanghai reflects Harrods quality and traditions.

This branch of Harrods provides an exclusive space open to private clientele offering a relaxed atmosphere to indulge in purchases from a vast catalogue of designer goods. Designed as a traditional British tea toom the setting offers and entirely innovative, contemporary environment.

Located in Taikoo Hui, the residence opened in October 2021 and serves the quintessential British afternoon tea experience of teas, fresh pastries, and champagne, among others.


The Harrods Tea Rooms Shanghai is also a finalist with the SBID International Design Awards highlighting the exceptional expertise the Harrods Interior Design Team portrayed in using the history and heritage of the building to inspire the interior design.

As you step inside the door, the sound of classical piano only enhances the qui-essentially British Afternoon Tea Experience.

You can read more here: https://www.sbidawards.com/finalist/harrods-tea-rooms/ 


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