As Individual As You Are

Monogrammed Marmite jars. Custom-made supercars. A cool pair of trainers—with your name as the logo. We reckon 2018’s the year of personalisation. That’s why our theme this year is “As Individual As You Are”. A celebration of what’s unique and creative inside all of us. Because we believe self-expression makes life more fun, memories more […]

This month we’re obsessed with……

Read on for the smallest pancake you’ll probably see all day Why do people love tiny things? Pool tables, fridges, Nutella jars, love letters, bubble machines, lunch boxes, watermelons, poodles, coffee mugs – you name it, there’s a version small enough to perch on the tip of your finger. Take your eyes to Google and […]


  Music – the Essential Finishing Touch for any Occasion Touching our emotions, transporting us to marvellous places, reenacting childhood memories, encouraging us to push on … however music takes you an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano has you covered. Need to find out more? call us today on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email Happy Valentines […]

Three Interior Trends We’re Loving…

THREE INTERIOR TRENDS WE’RE LOVING FOR 2018 Expect mashed-up metals, matte black finishes and concrete, so much concrete Photo by Murphy Deesign – Search living room pictures  If you’ve ever tried to coordinate your curtains to your wallpaper, or your carpet to your sofa, you’ll know the painstaking angst of colour matching. Do I harmonise or contrast? […]