Harrods Showroom – New Collection…

In today’s digital age, life seems to just keep moving faster and faster and faster – new ideas come and go, landscapes seem to be continuously changing and fashions  shift almost quicker than we can keep up. Some things in life do remain constant though, whatever changes in the world around us: one of these […]

The ‘Classic British’ Contemporary Style

What is the Classic British style? Sweeping driveways, red postboxes, country roads, elegant dining rooms, bay windows, afternoon tea, cosy inglenooks, stunning fireplaces … the list goes on: here in Britain, we have our ways of doing things! But this customer, and his designer, Hill House Interiors, certainly know how to make Classic British with […]

Did Someone Say Christmas …?

Yes, it is getting round to that time of year again: we can’t hide from the fact that Christmas is coming! Christmas invokes so many happy memories and emotions for all of us … the memories of log fires, making snowmen, Christmas dinner, family times, happy moments, singing carols, wrapping presents, hanging up the stockings, […]

The Edelweiss 2018 Brochure –…

At Edelweiss we want to bring the joy of live music into every interior. We understand that we are all unique individuals in our own right, and feel that our individuality makes the world a more interesting and vibrant place. By surrounding ourselves with objects that express our passions, and style we create truly unforgettable […]

Individual Hand-Painted Beauty

“I’ve got bit of a different enquiry for a customer of mine … can you do literally any kind of piano?” Here at Edelweiss, the answer is always Yes we can! “That’s great” the designer continued “but this really is different, she wants it to match a particular painting that really means something special to […]

What Do I Do if…

As beautiful as an Edelweiss, custom-made piano is, it can be very frustrating if your self-playing piano appears to have ‘stopped working’ and is not playing any music for you. This short article covers off the first four troubleshooting checks that our piano technicians will always undertake before ascertaining if any further remedial action is […]

The Story Behind A Masterpiece

Since 1975 we have been handbuilding and re-building some of the finest custom pianos this world has ever seen. Now in the 21st century, building on a time-honoured legacy of traditional piano manufacturing Edelweiss are creating the self-playing pianos of the future Le Silex is the latest masterpiece in a history of stunning, bespoke piano […]

Exploring the Edelweiss Music Library 01

From Brahms Lullaby to ‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk The Moon, any Edelweiss self-playing piano is perfectly capable of bringing any event to life whatever your music preferences. But exactly what music is available with the totally customisable Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano Range?  There’s so much variety and such a broad range of music that particular artists and genres may be best focused on one at […]

Creating My Own Musical Masterpiece:…

As humans we are all unique. Deep inside us we have a desire to be recognised for the special, unique individual we really are. We express ourselves in so many different ways: the car we drive, the way we dress, how we talk, the perfume we choose … but more and more we are realising that the ultimate statement of […]