KEY TIP: Central Heating and…

It’s a question we hear so often: Will my piano be OK in my house with central heating …? Before we answer this question, we need to clarify where this whole piano vs central heating debate has come from and what actually does and does not affect your piano when you adjust the heating in your […]

Because Music Makes a Room

What do your happiest moments, your best memories, a totally relaxing evening, and the most amazing sunset all have in common? They can all be enhanced and often brought back to mind with music. Just like the most cherished moments in our life are ‘made’ by music, at Edelweiss Pianos we believe that music makes […]

January 2019 – an Explosion…

2019 is well underway, and our Factory has seen so many exciting explosions of colour that we just had to share some of them with you. From classic black with living coral initials of both husband and wife discreetly recorded under the butterfly wings to a complete Colour of the Year 2019 Living Coral and […]


We believe everyone deserves to be unique: success earned deserves exclusive expression Having mastered our craft a long time ago we’ve embraced the heritage and piano legacy to create the future. In everything we create, we blur the line between traditional musical craft, unique cutting-edge design and fantastical art. We believe that what we do […]


The smallest acoustic grand piano in the world, the Edelweiss G50 Sygnet is the most popular grand piano from the Edelweiss Range. Small enough to fit, big enough to perform and all encapsulated in a stunning designer cabinet; the G50 is the perfect musical masterpiece for any interior. Our customers often ask, why do we […]