At Edelweiss, we bring the joy of live music to you. Just like having your very own concert pianist, Edelweiss is a real piano that plays itself— and all your favourite music— with stunning, pitch-perfect accompaniment.

From Elton John to Norah Jones. From Mozart to The Beatles. What better way to surprise and entertain? To soothe, relax or uplift? Whether to liven up the party or wash away the cares of the day: pick your mood, select jazz, classical, symphony (or whatever takes your fancy); and let an Edelweiss self-playing piano transport you there.

Imagine the excitement, as you swipe your iPod, and instantly transform your surroundings—with mesmerising live piano. Bringing the concert to you.

An Edelweiss self-playing piano doesn’t just sound good, it looks good too. Choose from a kaleidoscope of traditional (or not so traditional) colours, sizes and beautifully tactile finishes, to create a bespoke, custom piano that matches your living room, lobby, boudoir or entrance-hall.


Our family has been making the world’s most exquisite pianos for more than four decades.

In 1975—when Mr Norman, a physicist and professional concert piano tuner—decided to hand-craft his own pianos, the sceptics scoffed.

But with an affinity for musicianship and the meticulousness of a true scientist, he embraced the artisanship of traditional piano-making—and founded 1066 Pianos.

Where other piano makers were set in their ways, 1066 led with innovation; engineering some of the finest-sounding masterpieces the piano world had ever seen. In 2008, 1066 Pianos launched the Edelweiss brand—an affordable piano that anyone could enjoy.

In 2016, we launched the first dedicated, self-playing piano with full audio.

One of the most advanced acoustic pianos in the world, Edelweiss is an innovative new take on the traditional piano, combining classic design and traditional good looks with state-of-the-art, self-play piano technology.


Edelweiss pianos are designed and finished by our artisans and master piano craftsmen, here at our dedicated design studio and 10,000 sq foot workshop in Cambridge, England.

Visit our showroom and you’ll soon see why we’re recognised as suppliers of the world’s finest self-play pianos.



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