British Piano Makers - Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano


We believe everyone deserves to be unique: success earned deserves exclusive expression

Having mastered our craft a long time ago we’ve embraced the heritage and piano legacy to create the future. In everything we create, we blur the line between traditional musical craft, unique cutting-edge design and fantastical art.

We believe that what we do is about more than music.

Edelweiss is your portal to express your creative side, it’s a way to celebrate success and the means to relive many a happy memory. We provide the hero of a dinner party, the centrepiece to an interior and the joy of your family for generations to come.

If you are a successful individual that is renovating or building one of your dream homes, or maybe seeking a very special gift for a loved one, we’d love to talk with you! If you and your artistic partner enjoy looking and living differently, not like the masses, and are both music lovers – you deserve to be unique, and we can really help you achieve that!

Call us on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email your number to and we’ll be very glad to call you back.