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Exploring the Edelweiss Music Library 01

From Brahms Lullaby to ‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk The Moon, any Edelweiss self-playing piano is perfectly capable of bringing any event to life whatever your music preferences. But exactly what music is available with the totally customisable Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano Range? 

There’s so much variety and such a broad range of music that particular artists and genres may be best focused on one at a time so that you can see exactly how much is available to you. In this short post, we wanted to highlight the most requested songs that our team receives in Harrods. 


  1. ‘You’re Beautiful’ by James Blunt 
  1. ‘Rolling in The Deep’ by Adele
  1. ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ by Frank Sinatra 


Speakers concealed underneath your playing piano bring the track totally to life with full audio accompaniment – vocals, lead guitar solos, in fact the full band play along with your Edelweiss Piano for a real Virtuoso Experience. Check out the video below to see, hear and enjoy the Edelweiss Experience yourself: 

Ironically, the question we get asked the most is:

‘Can this piano play any piano-only music?’

The answer of course is yes!  Chopins’s ‘Fantasie Impromptu’ and ‘The Russian Dance’ from the Faust & Chen Nutcraker suite are two of the most popular classical piano numbers.  

Composed at the fingertips of master pianists, performed over centuries with passion, energy and musical genius – both these pieces show the full depth of just what an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano can bring to any interior … the virtuoso experience of a musical prodigy playing live in your home! 

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