Edelweiss Collection - Edelweiss Harrods Showroom

Harrods Showroom – New Collection Coming Soon!

In today’s digital age, life seems to just keep moving faster and faster and faster – new ideas come and go, landscapes seem to be continuously changing and fashions  shift almost quicker than we can keep up.

Some things in life do remain constant though, whatever changes in the world around us: one of these is a love of music, another is the appreciation of good times, and a third could be the lasting value of any premium quality product. Yes, these do all apply to every Edelweiss Piano! But that’s not really what we wanted to say …

From early November there will be a new Edelweiss Custom Piano Collection on display in Harrods, Third Floor. The video above is a quick flythrough of our current collection – don’t miss out! – if you see something you really want here, hurry in-store and let us know and we’ll see what we can work out with you!

For the avoidance of doubt, the four pianos feature in this video are:

Our next Harrods Display Collection will bring even greater variety and even more design inspiration for your enjoyment … think exotic woods, transparent splendour, awesome music and, of course, exceptional Edelweiss Pianos!