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The Edelweiss 2018 Brochure –…

Since 1975, Edelweiss Pianos have been handcrafting some of the finest totally custom self-playing pianos in the world. Giving inspiration, creating beautiful music and sharing the joy of live music with discerning individuals all around the globe, the little company that grandfather John Roy Norman started in his front room back in 1975 is now […]

Individual Hand-Painted Beauty

“I’ve got bit of a different enquiry for a customer of mine … can you do literally any kind of piano?” Here at Edelweiss, the answer is always Yes we can! “That’s great” the designer continued “but this really is different, she wants it to match a particular painting that really means something special to […]

What Do I Do if…

As beautiful as an Edelweiss, custom-made piano is, it can be very frustrating if your self-playing piano appears to have ‘stopped working’ and is not playing any music for you. This short article covers off the first four troubleshooting checks that our piano technicians will always undertake before ascertaining if any further remedial action is […]

The Story Behind A Masterpiece

Since 1975 we have been handbuilding and re-building some of the finest custom pianos this world has ever seen. Now in the 21st century, building on a time-honoured legacy of traditional piano manufacturing Edelweiss are creating the self-playing pianos of the future Le Silex is the latest masterpiece in a history of stunning, bespoke piano […]

Exploring the Edelweiss Music Library 01

From Brahms Lullaby to ‘Shut Up & Dance’ by Walk The Moon, any Edelweiss self-playing piano is perfectly capable of bringing any event to life whatever your music preferences. But exactly what music is available with the totally customisable Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano Range?  There’s so much variety and such a broad range of music that particular artists and genres may be best focused on one at […]

Creating My Own Musical Masterpiece:…

As humans we are all unique. Deep inside us we have a desire to be recognised for the special, unique individual we really are. We express ourselves in so many different ways: the car we drive, the way we dress, how we talk, the perfume we choose … but more and more we are realising that the ultimate statement of […]

5 Reasons to Buy a…

Have you ever wondered why would anyone want a self-playing piano? It’s actually a question we hear surprisingly often so we wanted to give some insights from our customers as to why they chose to make the purchase and are now the happy, proud owners of an Edelweiss self-playing piano.   (1) TO GIVE We […]

How Do I Look After…

Is your Edelweiss Piano fitted with a Climate Control System? Have you forgotten what maintenance this system needs and when? Or maybe you’ve just had your self-playing piano delivered and would like further information? Either way, this quick article covers off everything you need to know about your custom piano’s Climate Control System. What Does […]

The Edelweiss October Self-Playing Piano…

WHAT COULD BE EASIER THAN A PLAYER PIANO YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK AFTER? That’s what our ‘HAKUNA MATATA’ campaign is all about, making life as easy for you as possible. Until 31st October 2018 you can purchase a new Edelweiss self-playing piano and receive 2-years Gold TotalCare Subscription absolutely free. Gold TotalCare is a […]


To create a unique original musical masterpiece, the perfect piano for our clients beautiful home; an exquisite French chateau style manor built in 1862 by S. S. Teulon. This is to be a masterful combination of a beautiful art case encompassing an exceptional piano that will complement the beautiful surroundings, suitably mark the wonderful occasion […]

How do Self-Playing Pianos actually…

It seems so magical: you select the song you want on your iPod, hit play and your piano bursts into life! But how does a piano that plays itself work…?  This article seeks the remove the complexity and explain as simply as possible the workings of a Self-Playing Piano. As obvious as it may sound, […]

We Believe A Player Piano…

Since 1975 when John Roy Norman, the father and grandfather of our current directors, founded our company we have always believed a piano is about so much more than just music. ” … it’s about all that’s beautiful in art, all that’s inspirational in design & all that’s perfect in a piano crafted into one […]

Yes, You Can Customise Your…

Using the Edelweiss Pianos Configurator you can quickly and easily customise your Self-Playing Grand Piano online, but most people do not realise you can customise our Self-Playing Upright Pianos too. Of course, if you have the space a grand piano is widely regarded as the ultimate statement symbol for any interior – but the ‘humble’ […]

Championing Truly One-Of-A-Kind Originals with…

Working with our sister brand, 1066 Pianos, we are proud to be working with Harrods in their ‘Rarity’ campaign. As reported in the Telegraph: Celebrating attention to detail on a personal level is an experience that customers can sometimes lose in today’s digital age, but that  is something that Harrods’ managing director Michael Ward hopes to change […]

What Are My Options When…

This is a great question that we get asked a lot, so we thought it would be helpful to share some insights into the process the Edelweiss Pianos Team follow in supporting our customers:   SPACE Usually when starting on a self-playing piano journey, we already have a space in mind for our piano and […]

A sprightly adventure through the…

Like most of the best inventions, the piano we see today is the product of a long and laboured line of developments, fuelled by three centuries of enterprising individuals dedicated to solving problems. The piano’s roots can be traced right back to the harpsichord, which was invented in Italy around 1500. The structure of the […]

Redecorated Penthouse To Match Ferrari…

A “captain of industry” commissioned Edelweiss Pianos to customise a grand piano in Ferrari red.  He loved it so much, he got interior designers to redecorate his entire London duplex to match it. Even redder than a Ferrari Edelweiss Pianos spokesperson, Ross Norman, says: “The owner of the penthouse fell in love with our self-playing […]

The Pianola: Instrumental In Music

We look at the history and background to the Pianola – and learn how it transformed the way we listened to music. Before MP3 players and a long time before Amazon Echos, the Pianola revolutionised the way we enjoyed music. If you were a music lover and wanted to listen to live music in the […]

Here are 2018’s trending colours…

What colour is your front door painted? Minimalist white? Noble navy? Gregarious shocking pink? Apparently your choice of colour reveals a lot about your personality. I know what you’re thinking… but let’s sweep scepticism under the rug for a moment and dig a little deeper into the findings of this study. If your front door […]

As Individual As You Are

Monogrammed Marmite jars. Custom-made supercars. A cool pair of trainers—with your name as the logo. We reckon 2018’s the year of personalisation. That’s why our theme this year is “As Individual As You Are”. A celebration of what’s unique and creative inside all of us. Because we believe self-expression makes life more fun, memories more […]

This month we’re obsessed with……

Read on for the smallest pancake you’ll probably see all day Why do people love tiny things? Pool tables, fridges, Nutella jars, love letters, bubble machines, lunch boxes, watermelons, poodles, coffee mugs – you name it, there’s a version small enough to perch on the tip of your finger. Take your eyes to Google and […]


  Music – the Essential Finishing Touch for any Occasion Touching our emotions, transporting us to marvellous places, reenacting childhood memories, encouraging us to push on … however music takes you an Edelweiss Self-Playing Piano has you covered. Need to find out more? call us today on +44 (0)1223 881691 or email Happy Valentines […]

Three Interior Trends We’re Loving…

THREE INTERIOR TRENDS WE’RE LOVING FOR 2018 Expect mashed-up metals, matte black finishes and concrete, so much concrete Photo by Murphy Deesign – Search living room pictures  If you’ve ever tried to coordinate your curtains to your wallpaper, or your carpet to your sofa, you’ll know the painstaking angst of colour matching. Do I harmonise or contrast? […]


WOW – SO MUCH IS HAPPENING The last blog post was on the 27th September 2017 and SO MUCH has happened since then, here’s a quick fly through of some key points!! We’ve manufactured the most Edelweiss Pianos ever in one year, and the number is still increasing! Due to increasing demand, we are in […]


This is the announcement we have all been waiting for – the winning design in our Harrods Piano Competition. If you voted for Design No1, then you’re a WINNER! Our skilled technicians are already at work on producing this stunning piano, and we will keep you all up to date with pictures etc. posted through […]

IT’S A TIE on our…

Thank You to everyone who voted in our Harrod’s Piano Competition: despite the overwhelming number of votes, we still have a tie for first place!!                     Both designs use a black and red colour scheme … and we’ve already started building the piano for Harrods – […]


Yes, we really are in two places at once!! In a very lastminute arrangement, we are pleased to announce that you can see our #selfplayingpianos on Stand D216 at the 100% Design Show in Olympia. Thanks to an opportunity from Grant Blinds and Bl’ndSpace, all those visiting 100% Design will now be able to enjoy […]

Pushed Out by Three Sheep!

Music is so powerful over our emotions. Whilst we may prefer completely different genres/artists/albums to each other, we would all agree that music has the power to relax us, make us feel welcome & include us in any space or interior. Even so: Would you have guessed that we would be pushed off our own […]

We’re at Decorex 2017

Edelweiss is ‘on show’ on Stand J16 at the Decorex 2017 Interior Design Event! Bursting with inspiration, talent and some amazing products this prestigious event is all about what’s new and unique in the world of design. AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU ARE Defined by our belief that every statement piece you choose should be ‘As […]

Competition time!

We’re delighted to announce that we will be launching Edelweiss into Harrods this Autumn! We’re busy preparing for launch and we’d like your help to choose the colour of the Edelweiss Tower that will be on display in store. To vote, please visit our facebook, Linkedin or Twitter page. Voting closes next week. To whet […]

How an Edelweiss Self Play…

Over the time we’ve had the Edelweiss, we’ve noticed people tend to stay much longer in the area the piano is playing.

Edelweiss Helps Business Grow!

Edelweiss helps businesses grow! View this video testimonial of the Managing Director of the Grange Hotel, London.

450% Sales Increase Thanks to…

Dobbies Garden Centre ‘Afternoon Tea’ sales increase thanks to Edelweiss! Read the case study of Dobbies Garden Centre.

Hitting the right note |…

Music plays a key part in any hospitality experience. It welcomes guests as soon as they step through the door.

Creating a true statement piano…

The beauty of an Edelweiss piano is its ability to embody both the past and the future, and this is reflected through our most.

Edelweiss at The Sleep Event

We exhibited at Sleep – The Hotel Design Event at the Business Design Centre, Islington. Great exhibitors

Love Live Piano at Grange…

If you’ve been to Grange St Paul’s Hotel, in London, recently you’ll no doubt have heard the rich, sonorous piano music

Hotelympia is resounding success

Frenetic, energy-packed and bubbling with buzz, it feels rather like we’ve spoken to almost all 26,000 attendees over the four day event.

We’re Live

Welcome to the brand new and improved Edelweiss website, designed from the ground up with a fresh new look

100 percent design

We are delighted to be exhibiting at 100% Design this year – the UK’s largest design trade event, attracting architects