edelweiss custom made pianos - checkered piano

Stunning Bespoke Finish Hand-built Custom Edelweiss G50 Sygnet

Hand-built exclusively to order in our Cambridge UK factory, every Edelweiss Piano is an original in its own right. Tailored precisely to your unique requirements both in terms of touch & sound as well as design & style, our Master Artisans delight in producing bespoke musical masterpieces specifically for you. Faced with a limitless array of colour, design and style choices though, how do you define exactly what you want your custom piano to be? This particular client was inspired by a piano he saw featured in a YouTube video.


Inspired by a Design First Seen on YouTube

Inspiration comes from the most surprising places – from the beautiful Le Silex musical sculpture that took inspiration from a rock shattered by a lightning strike, to the famous ‘Leaking Piano’ that was conceptualised whilst contemplating the wax dripping from a candle flame, to this beautiful instrument that features a design our client remembers from a Lola Astanova YouTube video!


With a clear vision of what the final design needed to incorporate – the bespoke hand-painted checkerboard lid and music desk – our Piano Design Team set to work with the client finalising ideal size and preferred colours for his custom piano. For final delivery into his Hong Kong penthouse, the Edelweiss G50 Sygnet was selected due to it’s petite footprint and distinctive butterfly lid which would really help emphasise the checkerboard finish our client was looking for.


Small is Beautiful

Having confirmed the suitability of this custom made piano model for our clients home using a combination of CAD models and actual floor templates, we were ready to consider design & style options and our client’s preferred colour palette. Considering our clients tastes in furniture styles and other feature pieces in his home, the ‘Deco’ leg style was chosen to give the piano a unique piano style as well as a special finish, and it didn’t stop there. The video our client had seen featured a black grand piano with a black & white checkerboard lid … but our client had always dreamed of a beautiful white grand piano and felt that a white piano with contrasting black checkerboard lid would be too ‘aggressive’ for his home. Our design team went back to the moodboards we had created and a gentle shade of ‘Pearl Beige’ was chosen married with a Pearlescent White to give the whole piano a shimmering, immersive allure. Needless to say, but our client is delighted with his bespoke musical masterpiece – what design inspiration would you follow to create your custom piano? We’d love to hear your ideas on sales@edelweisspianos.com or call +44 (0)1223 881691.