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Everything we make is bespoke.

However, there are some clients that want to climb higher, go deeper, and invest further: they want to have their own one-of-a-kind musical masterpiece. 

For such clients, or if working with a designer/client representative – we can offer the opportunity to work with our dedicated Bespoke Studio. This opens the door to an exciting world of design inspiration and creativity, and is available by invitation only, so you will need to click on the ‘Book Consultation’ link to express your interest.

Our Design Consultants have access to a much larger range of design options and specialist finishes and will take pleasure in working with you to create a piano that is one-of-a-kind. They also have access to the Edelweiss Reborn piano options – these are not available outside of the Bespoke Studio – should your application be better suited to this option.

Furthermore, should your aspirations go beyond the scope of the Bespoke Studio our consultants can refer you to the exclusive Goldfinch Artist; here projects either start with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, or through viewing some of our Design Vault concepts – either way, we are passionate about creating something that is entirely exclusive to you.

Tumbling Squares Tower

The client shared us images and plans for the for this project, it had lofty ceilings, beautiful large glass areas and a sufficient suggested footprint for a smaller piano. The piano needed to be a distinctive complimentary focal point without over dominating the interior.

With consideration to the ceiling height and the extensive glazed areas our Bespoke Team came up with the suggestion of a taller tower with the Edelweiss Sygnet suspended from it, the ‘square’ theme was quite prominent in the interior design, so the ‘tumbling cubes’ structure was a slightly playful take on this.

Client loved the theme, so we proceeded with finish suggestions, opting for a transparent half-moon lid so as not to obstruct the tower profile when raised, a liquid bronze finish to match the room finishes and then an attractively contrasting blue to finish it off.

The Vintage Floral

This was a designer-led project, they our Bespoke team with some suggestions for a piano they were wanting built for a project. It was in a building with rich heritage overlooking a beautiful garden. The budget was constrained but they didn’t want to compromise on the brief, and it had to feature marquetry.

The Bespoke Team’s successful proposal was to add a contemporary twist to a vintage piano design including vintage style turned legs and delicate floral marquetry details inlaid on the main lids and music desk flap. The case was to be mostly finished in a pigmented gloss lacquer surrounding the inlays, creating a contemporary take the traditional chinoiserie style.

The final colouration selected was quite special with a matt pink interior and inside lid in attractive contrast to the gloss brown and inlaid exterior.

Plaster Finish

This client wanted a showpiece piano for the hallway of their home, they wanted it to beautify but not overpower the space. It was a minimalistic design with a beautiful understated interior style. The client was favouring a white piano… but didn’t really want it to be white! The client additionally requested that they wanted the piano to bear their family crest somewhere on the piano and asked us to include this in the design.

The Bespoke Team came up with a faux plaster option that can be white toned but with a beautiful depth of three-dimensional texture and colour, applied to the classical piano design, this was coupled with a liquid bronze string frame finish and case fittings.
For the family crest a bespoke ‘stamp’ was created and the crest tastefully applied to the face of the keyfall.

This is a classic example of a piano in the classic style with special emphasis on the bespoke finishing.

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