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Bring music to life with a unique piano and self-playing piano for sale from Edelweiss. Pull up your music list, swipe to select your album, and watch as the keys of your custom-made piano magically come alive!

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Our unique, custom pianos are designed in Cambridge, England by our master self-playing piano craftsman. We are a dedicated team of family-members who have been perfecting the art of custom piano-making for over four decades.


Imagine you could change your self-playing piano into any colour you wanted. Imagine you could change the shape or even the material it was made from. Just because you are unique, because you know exactly what you want, and because with Edelweiss Pianos you literally can create your own bespoke piano. Why not try our online configurator today and build your own custom piano today.

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From Super yachts, Famous Hotels & Shopping Centres right through showrooms, pubs, restaurants to private houses & apartments, Edelweiss Pianos can be found all over the globe in all their bespoke, custom built beauty. This is our showcase of some of the most inspirational and unique self-playing piano designs we are privileged to have commissioned ... click through for further inspiration!

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Edelweiss' custom pianos are the ultimate pleasure for music lovers, everywhere. Choose from the inspirational 127cm 'apartment’ custom grand piano, right up to the 275cm 'concert’ custom grand piano. Or select from four stunning self-playing upright piano models. All of our unique, player pianos are available for you to buy in any finishes, veneers and colours.

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