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The story begins 1000 – 1800m high in the spruce forests of the European Alps, where for more than 3 centuries the world’s finest tone wood has been harvested.

Here – where the harsh environment and altitude makes for a short growing season that creates Sitka spruce with the fine growth ring structure essential for a pure sound – is where the musical heart of every Edelweiss originates.  


The feel of a piano is its ability to give expression to its Voice and one of the most important aspects on the instrument.

Each finished Edelweiss is a delight to hear, whether produced by the lively fingers of a concert pianists or the delicate touch of the solenoids in the Edelweiss Virtuoso Self Playing System: the finest nuances of the beautiful Edelweiss Voice can be expressed.

Play Video about Edelweiss - The Feel
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The look of an Edelweiss is very important, each client can specify their piano to be exactly as they want it, making it uniquely their own.