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The Edelweiss Virtuoso Self-Play system comes as standard with every Edelweiss. All our pianos are fully acoustic baby grand pianos and the sound you will hear when the piano is self-playing is that of felt hammers hitting copper strings – just like a real pianist is playing.

Wirelessly operated from an iPad you simply choose your song from our 1000 song library, hit play and sit back and enjoy the music as the piano comes alive.

The keys perfectly recreate every nuance of the original artist with a concealed sound system providing full live music experience as your piano along with the singer and accompanying band when needed.

From famous classical pieces to modern pop songs – the 1000 song library that comes as standard with an Edelweiss has genres for all tastes. You can pay and upgrade your library to our full 5000 song library at any time and can pay and request your own songs to be recorded for your piano from any of your favourite artists.

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