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The Beginning.

In 1975, Roy Norman quit his role as a research physicist at Cambridge University, invented his own digital piano tuner and started tuning pianos.

He quickly became very frustrated with the quality of pianos he was tuning. His aptitude for physics and science with an in-bred desire to always innovate and make better meant it wasn’t long until he brought his first piano in view of completely restoring it to a condition better than it was as new.

Hereby in the lounge of his home in the late 1970’s was 1066 Pianos founded – a piano shop and restorer.

Golden Era Of Piano Restorations.

With his 3 sons joining him in the business in the early 1990’s – 1066 Pianos very quickly rose to become one of the world’s most renowned piano restorers with the ability to be able to restore any piano, in any state, to better than it was as new. Today, 1066 Pianos is still restoring pianos being led by one of the founder’s son, Chris Norman.

Edelweiss was founded.

In 2008, our founders youngest son, Mark Norman, decided to use our collective 50+ year experience in piano restoration learning the DNA of all the world’s leading piano brands and start building our own pianos here in the UK.

Making Edelweiss Pianos

Based-Upon Collaboration.

In 2015 we collaborate with Based-Upon – a renowned artist located in London – to produce The Baby.

We re-open Harrods Music Department.

In 2017 we had the honour of restarting the Harrods Music Department.

We unveil our first Designer Range.

In 2019 to showcase what is possible with a piano – that it doesn’t have to be big, black and on three legs – we launch the Original Collection featuring the Original.

The launch of the Solis and Silex.

Designed by our in-house artist, Goldfinch.

We deliver The Imperial Egg

In 2021 we deliver a world first, one of one, Goldfinch commission.

Launch of Harmony Of Nature

In 2023, our in-house artist, Goldfinch, collaborates with Ambika Hinduja to produce The Harmony Of Nature.


The third generation of the Norman family is at the helm for the next stage of our journey to become the world’s leading maker of bespoke pianos for the home.