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Listen and read why Tracy Brooks decided to buy an Edelweiss and the profound affect the piano has had on their home.

Tracy Brooks, a Cheshire resident, never imagined she would become the proud owner of the world’s smallest transparent grand piano until when stumbled upon a small advert in a magazine.

Initially hesitant, Tracy’s perception changed when she encountered the enchanting sounds of an Edelweiss piano at Harrods.

Today, she shares her captivating journey and the transformative impact the piano has had on her home.

What impact has the piano had on your home?

Having the Edelweiss in the home I think has certainly elevated it. We feel very privileged and very lucky to have it and we just think its stunning.

People are completely mesmerised by it and they walk through that door and it’s like I had no idea it was going to look like that and even sound like that.

People just think its fantastic.


Has it met your expectations?

I think it’s well exceeded the expectations for sure.

In here its got plenty of room and it’s the centrepiece. 

I’m looking forward to Christmas where we can all stand round and have a sing song.

Would you recommend Edelweiss to anyone looking at getting a piano for there home?

I would recommend Edelweiss to anybody if they can afford it go for it or stretch yourselves a little bit as its just an amazing piece of furniture to have in your home.

We just think its a stunning piece of furniture and the house would be lost without it now I think.


Do you enjoy the self-play and the live music filling your home whenever you want?

Me and my husband both like music; we both like live music so this is our bit of live music from the home.

And it really does feel like there is a professional in here playing. You know you can quite easily fool people that come into the house that we have got a pianist sitting there.

We spend ages in here before we go out with friends and in the end they hardly want to go out they just want to sit her and drink and watch the piano play itself.

What is the story to you finding Edelweiss?

It was our interior designer lady who introduced your name to us quite some time ago.

And initially we thought no we were quite thinking of spending that kind of money.

And then the more we looked at them the more we considered them and we went to Harrods and then we were just sold.


Why Edelweiss?

We choose Edelweiss because of the designs, the look and the quality in the sound and obviously the quality of the workmanship which is just second to none.

So it was a no brainer for us really.

Once we had seen Edelweiss we didn’t want to look at anything else.

The experience of dealing with you guys has been exceptional. The communication between my self and Ross has been great. There is always something you might just wanna check, you get a quick response and service has been excellent, cant fault it, no regrets whatsoever.


Not only is the Edelweiss S132 is the world’s smallest acoustic grand piano, it is the smallest transparent one, adding a new dimension to this stunning concept. With a case design bearing the clear hallmarks of the New Generation S-Series, with the striking ‘Spinnaker’ lid, elegant chamfers on the components, and the distinctive Edelweiss music desk, it has been described as the perfect contemporary classic with its styling giving a nod to tradition and its translucency showing the way ahead.

It is one of our most popular designs as it can blend almost invisibly into any interior, able to both subtly contrast or harmonise, and if required the be the statement centrepiece. And – should you want it to – it can be the perfect party starter with its LED colour changing lights. When you’re ready to dance just turn down the lights and let the piano take over.


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