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Harrods reopens it’s piano department with Edelweiss

Harrods Piano Department now open with Edelweiss on the Third Floor.

In 2017, Edelweiss had the iconic privilege of restarting the Harrods Music Department since it’s closure in 2013 after 118 years of trading

Since it’s closure in 2013 – you will now find the new look Harrods Piano Department nestled within the 3rd floor of the Furniture and Home department as Edelweiss Pianos.

Re-opening a department which had a 118 year heritage was no small task. Edelweiss is a British owned family business that is the leading maker of bespoke pianos for the home.

Starting The Harrods Music Department

Harrods wanted our pianos in store as they could see the British quality in the build and sound but also they could see we weren’t just another boring piano company.

We didn’t just make black, big, loud and boring pianos with 3 legs.

Previous issues with the music department meant making it sustainable was  a challenge – black grand pianos aren’t hard to come by.

To be a luxury retail outlet means having products within your store that are completely bespoke and exclusive and your clientele can further enjoy the shopping experience as a result.

Everything we make is bespoke – every one of our pianos is self-playing, every piano is hand-built to order.

As a family business music is in our roots – be able to share the joy of live music – felt hammer hitting copper wound string experience – is why we build pianos today.

As a result through our love for music, bespoke designs and refreshing and innovative thinking that challenges convention, Harrods could see the opportunity for having Edelweiss restart their music department offering there clientele a new and bespoke exclusive experience, for music lovers not just pianists, in store courtesy of our British made self-playing pianos.

Where To Find The Pianos In Harrods
You can find the Harrods Piano Department on the third floor. There is a high chance you will hear them before you see them.

The Pianos In Harrods.

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