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Meet “Chopstix” the talking piano by Mark Rober

The Edelweiss Transparent Klavier has taken the internet by storm with the alter ego CHOPSTIX!

The Edelweiss Transparent Klavier has taken the internet by storm with the alter ego CHOPSTIX!

American YouTuber, engineer, and inventor Mark Rober modified our upright and its integrated self-play system to become a talking piano! In addition, Chopstix can play at ultra-high speed, performing Rush E, the sheet music considered impossible to play by hand.

Back in 2021, the acclaimed scientist Mark Rober known for modifying and building extreme gadgets and teaching engineering online contacted Edelweiss about our Transparent Klavier. Mark and his team were looking for a player piano, also known as a self-play piano system, that they could modify and our upright caught their attention.

Along with the assistance of a host of player piano technicians Mark and his team have transformed the Transparent Upright from a 30 key a minute to a 60 key a minute piano player. This has enabled the piano to play the notoriously difficult Rush E, sheet music that is so composed so fast it is impossible for a human to play solo.


Chopstix has to date gained over 13 million views and rising! It has also been featured in numerous media outlets including Classic FM.

Edelweiss supplied Mark Rober with a Upright Piano – The Edelweiss Klavier.

Our standard transparent Klavier is available with integrated LED lights and comes in one size: 4’1/125cm height, 5’1/155cm length, 2’3/68cm width

As a guide, The Edelweiss Transparent Klavier is typically available for £40,000 – £50,000* + shipping costs ($50,000 – $60,000 + shipping). 

We deliver worldwide with a lead time of 4-6 months.

An example of a custom finished Edelweiss Klavier.

Common Questions asked about the Edelweiss Chopstix Mark Rober Piano are answered below by our piano consultant, Ross Norman.


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