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With the launch of the New Generation this article explains the difference between our Original Collection launched in 2019 and the New Generation.

To explain the difference between the Original and New Generation Collections it will help to give you the story as we to why we first introduced a collection of designer pianos that could be configured by the customer.

Since we started building pianos – especially for the home – in 2008, Edelweiss has always been challenging convention by what we do and why we do it with the inspiration behind the Original Collection demonstrating this perfectly.

The story behind the Original Collection

In 2017 we had the privilege of reopening the Harrods Piano Department, four years after it had ‘closed its doors forever’ after 118 years – this was the catalyst that resulted in the Original Collection being born.

Harrods wanted our pianos in store as they could see the British quality in the build and sound, but they also could see that we weren’t just another boring piano company.

We didn’t just make black, big, loud, boring pianos with 3 legs.

Everything we make is bespoke and this was the opportunity to bring in store a special range of pianos that encapsulated the bespoke offering we provide – along with a display that would do justice to the Harrods clientele, and give that unique enlightening Edelweiss experience.

As a result, instead of just working with our clients designing their dream piano from scratch, we had to find a way to inspire and demonstrate to our customers the design possibilities when it came to our pianos. 

This resulted in our brief which was we had to have a range of pianos in store that could be (a) brought off the shop floor, (b) be configured further if required in store, and (c) it could not just be “another piano”.

The creation of the Original Collection

When our creative director, Mark Norman, was presented with the brief for our entrance into Harrods and everything they – and we – wanted to achieve by having Edelweiss in store – a light went on.

We were going to design a piano – just one piano – that demonstrated what was possible with a piano.

Hereby The Original was born – featuring 10 colours, 2 veneers and 3 different leg designs.

Listen to Mark Norman, our Creative Director, talk through the story of the Original.

Having created the bold hero model we then considered how we could introduce some of those unique features – more subtly – onto other models in the range to provide a distinctive family identity, initially resulting in the classic black with a twist, the transparent flugel, contemporary colouration option and a classic black Sygnet

For these last options we were going to introduce a piano studio where the customer can choose from a range of styles, colours, and finishes, enabling them to fully configure their piano exactly as they wish it to be, making it uniquely their own.

Hereby the Original Collection was launched.

The Original Collection is unashamedly bold and flamboyant, with more ‘pop-art-esque’ styles, colours and designs that have proved hugely popular as the statement piece for any interior.

We have been able to inspire and captivate our customers, showing them that a piano doesn’t have to just be black and boring with 3 legs.

You can view the Original Collection below.

The story behind the New Generation Collection

Since its inception the Original collection has been a stunning success and is still incredibly popular today with its bold and flamboyant style.

With the New Generation Collection – in response to what we have learned from listening to many designers – we are introducing a more timeless and subtle colour palette with more natural themed finishes and materials, aiming at the understated luxury interior and a more discerning, toned back interior style.

This new range extends the Edelweiss appeal more broadly into the interior designer marketplace, we are also excited to be introducing – for the first time – two exceptional sculptural art pianos, completing a Collection such as has never been offered in the piano world before.

Edelweiss Pianos The Translucent

The creation of the New Generation Collection

Having worked extensively with interior designers over many years we specifically started interviewing and asking the different interior designers that we work closely with on projects to advise as to what colours and finishes they would like to see available on an Edelweiss in 2024 based on experience with their clients and their insider knowledge of what the interior design trends would likely be for 2024.

Their feedback and insights is what has influenced the design direction of the New Generation Collection which shows a marked contrast with the Original Collection range introducing more refined, timeless and subtle design, colour and finish options.

A particular emphasis on toned back natural and raw finishes, left in more in their natural state; a focus on more warm, softer pastel colours paired with subtly patinated liquid metals and new designs featuring more flowing and sinuous lines that draw their inspiration from nature.

You can view the New Generation Collection below.

The difference between the Original and New Generation Collections.

  1. The Design Direction.

The New Generation has moved away from the bold and flamboyant design direction with the Original Collection and moved towards a more refined, subtle and timeless design direction which is expressed through new colour and finish options.

  1. The Pianos.

The New Generation includes unique designs that are only available on the all new Edelweiss S132. The Original Collection features designs that are based around the G52. 

  1. The Designs.

Both the New Generation and the Original Collections features their own unique designs. The all-new S132 piano with the Spinnaker Lid design is introduced exclusively in the New Generation Collection along with some new designs that have not been seen before. The butterfly lid is iconic to the Edelweiss G52 in the Original Collection and is not available as standard with the New Generation models.

  1. Goldfinch Designed Sculptural Pieces.

The New Generation Collection showcases two Goldfinch designed commissions – The Solis and The Silex. These masterpieces are unique in the piano world.

  1. The Price

All Edelweiss pianos are handmade in Britain, from parts sourced locally as well as from around the world; uniquely with the Edelweiss S132 all the parts are also sourced from within the Britain (with very few exceptions) – this obviously has to come with additional cost so the starting price of the New Generation Collection is higher than that of the Original Collection, £ 96,000 compared to £55,000.


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