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These are the steps we will take you through when buying an Edelweiss Piano.
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This article aims to outline in detail the exact process you will be taken through when purchasing an Edelweiss.

The level of customisation you choose to have on your piano may lengthen some steps of the process but the overall process will not change.


1. Enquire

Contact us however you choose!

Email: sales@edelweisspianos.com

Phone: 01223 881691

Whatsapp: https://wa.me/message/72TJ7CKAVTWTN1

Webform: https://www.edelweisspianos.com/contact/ 

2. Validate

Once you enquire we confirm your enquiry and at this stage we then like to actually talk to you in person either via a Virtual Zoom Call, Phone Call or Whatsapp.

At this stage we need to know 5 key factors:

Timeline – when do you need your pianos delivered by?

Budget – what are you looking to spend on your piano?

What Piano – Is it something from one of our collections, a picture or a piano you’ve seen somewhere else you want to copy etc

Purpose – Do you want the piano to be a statement piece in the interior or a subtle addition that complements the interior.

Style – To give us a steer for when we present options do you have any pictures/visuals of your interior/home you can share or pictures/screenshots of finishes/objects that inspire you and that you want replicated in your piano.

3. Present Options

Once we have spoken to you and fully understood what you are looking for we will then take everything you have told us and present back 3 options of how we can meet the brief.

This can be done face to face at your home; at one of our showrooms or virtually.

4. Finalise Choice

Once you have been presented with the 3 options it is then about finalising your choice.  This stage can involve some back and forth with you as we develop and adapt the options until we get to a final version that you are happy with.

Typically, as long as we can speak to you in person at stage 2, this stage isn’t too prolonged as our design team would have had a very clear brief on exactly what you want when choosing the options to present back to you.

An example of a 3D render we provide to our clients to help them visual their piano.

5. Sign Off and Commitment

Before signing off the final design we will produce renders in your chosen design/finishes and we will also give you the option of a CAD model download that can be placed in any house plans/visuals.

Once you confirm you are happy with the final design we will then need a 50% commitment deposit or payment in full up front (if you purchase one of our models and it’s already built).

6. Build

Once we confirm receipt of funds/50% deposit we will then send you samples, if relevant, in your chosen finishes/colours for a final sign-off. Once signed off we start building your piano in our workshops here in Fulbourn, UK.

7. Deliver

Once your piano is built we will need the remaining 50% deposit (if not already received) and depending on the delivery arrangement we agreed – we will then reach out to you confirming the piano is ready for us to deliver or for you to arrange collection/delivery.


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