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Why Edelweiss

The Way We Think.

Unlike traditional piano makers, we are a young and innovative family business that understands the wants and needs of the todays modern luxury consumer.  
We are changing the traditional perception that a piano is an outdated, boring, black, big, loud instrument only for those that play.
Our mission is to change the way people think about the piano and it’s place in the home.
For us a piano is more than a musical instrument. It is a fundamental part of the modern home, an ingenious hub of live entertainment that both attracts attention and complements interior design.
When felt hammer hit’s copper wound string – the joy of the live music experience is at the heart of everything we do whether it be in a world first sculptural art piece or something from our collection range.

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

Our Unique Statement Designs.

With a track record of creating some of the world’s most impressive one of a kind live musical art creations through our own design studio and our in-house Edelweiss artist – Goldfinch, we believe nothing is impossible.
When art and music coalesce you enter into a whole new multisensory experience.
The foundation for any piano we hand-build in our Cambridge, UK workshops is that it is unique to it’s client.
We specialise in bespoke pianos – from a one-of-one sculptural art commission to adding your family emblem in the finish of one of our collection designs – every Edelweiss tells the unique story of it’s owner and the home it sits in.
Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss

The Size Of Our Pianos.

Unlike any other piano manufacturers, Edelweiss focus on building our pianos exclusively for the home.

This means a piano for the home doesn’t have to follow the traditional perception – based on a piano for a concert hall – that bigger is better.

A piano for the home should enhance, beautify and beautifully complement the interior it sits in rather than overpowering and dominating it.

A piano for the home does not need to be large to achieve the best sound.

Edelweiss are specialists in building smaller grand pianos for the home.

We are the proud makers of the smallest grand piano in the world – perfect for Superyachts and interiors where space is a premium but you still want a real, 88 note, acoustic grand piano.

Leadtime Guarantee

As we build our own pianos here in Cambridge, UK we have complete control of our lead-times.

Any piano we build we can guarantee our lead time.

With a meticulous design and visualisation process and every piano we build being unique, we will still always deliver when required, to the exact specification, to the date you require.

We are a family business with strong values and we always honour our word.

A Life-Time Experience

Edelweiss is a family business and we deeply value loyalty. Every day we have the privilege of building some of the world’s most unique pianos and we never take this for granted.

Committed to giving any Edelweiss customer a world leading hassle-free shopping and after-care experience – we take caring for your personally.

We believe any customer is a customer for life.

From first discovering Edelweiss through to getting delivery of your bespoke piano – the experience doesn’t end there.

We deliver each piano ourselves through our trusted network and ensure you have a local Edelweiss specially vetted technician to care for your piano for a lifetime.

Wherever you are in the globe – we have tailored piano care monthly subscription packages to ensure you can enjoy your piano without the worry of maintenance – we’ve got you covered.


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