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The thought might sound very daunting but your dream piano is only a few simple steps away.

When the sky is the limit it is difficult to know where to start when it comes to building your dream piano.

This article seeks to break down the steps to building your dream piano.


1. Start with what you know

It can extremely daunting thinking about what do I want for my dream piano and the consequent stress that ensues trying to come to a decision actually stifles your creativity.

So the first place to start is start with what you know.

The only person that knows you the best is you.

Start by stating the things you know you like and love – the obvious and easy things like:

 – your favourite colours/finishes/textures

– things in nature that inspire you

– places you’ve been that you have loved

– what you currently have in the room/your home where you want your piano to go

Often after listing out the obvious things it’s starts to give you a great idea of what avenue you need to start pursuing to start building your dream piano.

An example of a customer giving us ideas on what they like.

2. Be Clear On What You Don’t Want

Our team has a whole vault of concepts and ideas which we can share with you but we never want burnout with our clients as a result of too much creativity – we want to be very focused and tailor everything we do to you and what you want.

And if you are not quite sure on what you do want – we will need you to be clear on what you don’t want!

This can be from what size the piano can’t be, certain colours you don’t like, not on three legs etc.

This will then give us a great steer so we can reduce the chances of you burning out with an overflow of creative ideas!

3. Provide reference images/screenshots

One of the most helpful things a client can do is provide us with lots of images/screenshots/social media links which references and shows the style/design/colours/finishes you want your dream piano to be based around.

This doesn’t have to be piano based. This can be anything from furniture to cars, buildings, sculptures. Anything that give us some visual clues and ideas on what kind of style you want your dream piano.

This doesn’t have to be in any official format. A Whatsapp to our team, an email, lots of links on a document – we don’t mind.

An example moodboard provided by a customer.

4. Browse our Models to find inspiration and guidance

If your not sure where to start we will always suggest browsing our Collection ranges to get your creative juices flowing. As we have such a range of designs/finishes/styles within our collection ranges there is highly likely something will with spark your creativity into life.

It might be your dream piano is already a model in our collection range and you just need to fully customise all the finishes and add some subtle design tweaks.

It doesn’t always have to be something from scratch.

It can be something that you completely personalise to tell your own story.

5. Arrange a design consultation

Once you have been through the above steps you may then be ready to book a Design Consultation or visit us in our Harrods showroom.

The point of a design consultation is for us to guide you through the process of building your dream piano.

Either face to face or online if you are overseas our design team will in the first instance ask you lots of questions and share various images of commissions we have completed in the past as you talk so we can start to get an idea of what you are looking for with your dream piano.

Sometimes your dream piano isn’t starting from scratch but adding your own personalisation and story to an existing model we have.

By the end of your first design consultation we will have a clear idea on what you want your dream piano to be and we will then start looking at the options you have of getting your dream piano.

5. 3D Realistic Renders and CAD Models

The most important part of building your dream piano is being able to see renders and visuals of your design as we develop and progress down the journey to creating your dream piano.

As standard we will always provide 3D realistic renders for you every time there is a design change and can also provide CAD models/STEP files for you to insert into your own drawings/plans so you can start visualising how your piano will look in the space.

An example of a 3D render we provide to our clients to help them visual their piano.

6. Being your piano partner

Some of our clients know exactly what they want but they just need someone to build it for them.  We can work hand in hand with you or your interior designer in making your dream piano.

We are piano specialists and our job is to advise and guide you on anything piano related whilst you take the lead on the design.

Goldfinch The Baby Piano
Edelweiss collaborated with BasedUpon to be there piano partner in developing The Baby.

7. Commission the Edelweiss Artist – Goldfinch.

Goldfinch is the Edelweiss artist that is dedicated to creating one of a kind Live Musical Art Sculptures. This is by invitation only and offers artists and individuals the opportunity to collaborate in creating a truly unique form of musical art. 


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