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The Eclipse in Black Oak

The Eclipse finished in Open grain black oak.

When Elliot James approached Edelweiss looking for something that was modern, contemporary – the Eclipse had just been finalised as one of our next designs to grace our New Generation collection that was launching in early 2024.

However, as this design fitted the brief so perfectly we allowed the Eclipse to be presented to the client and designer to gauge feedback on the design and see what the reception would be.  Both client and designer fell in love with the Eclipse very quickly and this was the chosen design to develop.

The Black Oak Eclipse within the property.

Black Oak was the chosen finish as this carried on the theme within the interior and red chosen as a striking contrast to draw attention to the piano as you walked in the room.

You can just see the striking Spinnaker Lid of the eclipse with the red inside as you enter the room.
To facilitate where the piano needed to be positioned in the room and ensuring any visitors to the property got the best view of the piano when walking into the apartment we changed the the side the lid opened on the piano to ensure the striking contrasting red lid would be one of the first things to catch the eye of any visitors walking in.
The striking contrast of the red on black coupled with the live piano music from the pianos self-play system – the Black Oak Eclipse was the ultimate talking point for the interior when guests first entered the home.

The client then requested for the piano to be fitted with colour changing LED mood lighting. The colour changing LED lights that are fitted to any Edelweiss flash in time with the music and combined with up to 5000 songs on the upgraded music libriary – the piano could then transform from the subtle but elegant interior statement piece to the perfect party starter.

The piano within the Eclipse is the all new S132 model. A full 88 note keyboard and probably one of the best small grand pianos in the world. It also is offically the world’s smallest grand piano –  only 132cm front to back – making the Edelweiss S132 the perfect apartment grand due to its incredibly small size.

As with any Edelweiss we can delivery globally. The final destination for the Black Oak Eclipse was Singapore and as standard, our team was on site on the day of delivery to ensure everything went smoothly and the piano set-up correctly.

Black Oak is one of the recommended finish options for the Eclipse model. However, as with any Edelweiss you can fully customise any part of the piano as you wish.


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