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A piano is all about you and your home.
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And there is one piano maker, uniquely, and unlike any other, that has focused exclusively on just that: developing the perfect piano for the home – instruments which harmonize, beautify, and refresh that exclusive space you move and live in every day. Their mission is to change the way people think about the piano and its place in the home. 


Edelweiss is a young piano maker – we started making new instruments in 2008 – which gives us the distinct advantage of not being constrained or limited by decades of traditional thinking as to the dos and don’ts of pianos. It gave us opportunity to consider the part we would really like a piano to fulfill in our lives: whilst an enormous black piano played by a virtuoso in a concert hall looks and sounds amazing it is actually only very occasionally we get the privilege of hearing this live… but why shouldn’t we enjoy that same refreshing vitality by having the beauty of live music in our homes just any time we want it? We are not talking of canned electronic music (however excellently recorded) this is the distinctive beauty of hearing felt-hammers-hit-tensioned-piano-wire, live. 


So, the concept of creating pianos especially for the home was conceived. 

Edelweiss Pianos

And that influences every feature of the pianos we produce: the realistic size, the balanced and beautiful sound, the fully controllable touch, the shape, the look, and all importantly, the final finish. If you were given the choice, wouldn’t you choose to have the piano in your home to look exactly as you wanted it to be (and different from any others)?

Every Edelweiss comes with a self-playing system as standard, so if you can’t play or want an evening off, the piano will do it for you without any fuss. 

The launch of the New Generation marks a step change for Edelweiss in the journey of the Piano for the Home.

The current Original Range, featuring bold contemporary colours – epitomized in The Original – combined with more classical designs (including black) is still proving very popular and will be continuing alongside the new range.

With the New Generation Edelweiss are responding to feedback from designers and industry professionals – and our own insights into the market – by introducing a whole new finish and material spectrum with more muted nature-inspired pastel colourways and featuring materials such as wood veneers and liquid metals in harmony with the needs of the more pared-back look of the conservative luxury market.

As part of the range, we are excited to be introducing two Sculptural Pieces, carefully chosen from the Goldfinch Vault – as well as three other fresh designs – to present a selection of Musical Art Pianos such as has never been seen in the industry before.

Edelweiss Pianos The Translucent

It also coincides with the launch of the all-new S132 grand piano: every Edelweiss piano is hand built in Britian, but additionally, all the components for this all-new piano are almost entirely sourced from British Manufacturers. Further articles are available which cover the pedigree, the unique design innovations, and the exceptional performance of this piano, which is found inside most of the New Generation pianos, including the Sculptural Pieces.

You will also notice a new refreshed brand look and feel as we bring our image into closer congruity with our customers’ expectations of a luxury British bespoke piano builder, whose products are designed, sourced and hand built in Britain – in Cambridge, to be precise.

Finally, a New Generation of leadership is stepping up to the plate, Mark and Chris Norman, sons of the founder Roy Norman, are stepping back – although still very much involved – whilst the third generation — three of the founder’s grandsons Thomas, Ross and Daniel take over at the helm.


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