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The Harmony Of Nature

Deeply inspired by nature the inspiration for the Harmony Of Nature was looking at autumnal leaves.
Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

When Ambika Hinduja of Impeccable Imagination asked for an invitation for a consultation with the Edelweiss Artist – Goldfinch – to create a live unique Live Musical Sculpture – she had a dream, a vision.

Deeply inspired by nature, Hinduja looked at autumnal leaves as the starting point for her piece.

Distilling her inspiration into a harmonious form, she create a sculptural, artistic interpretation of a leaf. An autumnal leaf replicating the essence of nature in a semi-abstract form.

The Final 3D Render Of The Design

When she approached Edelweiss for a meeting with our in-house artist – Goldfinch – she was looking for a partner that could bring her vision and dream to life.

Our team then took her design inspiration and initial concepts and painstakingly morphed it around a real acoustic piano – still maintaining the beauty of the form – to finally produce a detailed concept that represented the essence of when art and music coalesce.

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano
The sculpture is cast in bronze and clad in a 22.5 karat moon gold leaf perfectly replicating the textures of nature and that of an autumnal leaf.
From a distance the sculptural silhouette of the curled, dried shape of the leaf creates a vacillating illusion of its appearance from the abstract to the real.
Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

Once the lid is then lifted to reveal the glistening black and white keys held open by a thin twig-like curvilinear support.

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

From above, the sculpture reveals the exposed frame and the soundboard and it is from this point of view that the natural form of the sculpture comes to life, revealing the elongated, elegant form from tip to petiole.

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

The back of the sculpture features two sets of mesh-covered circular holes, essential for sound functionality but at the same time referencing the natural features of fallen leaves. 

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano

To contribute to the piece’s distinctive aesthetic the stool for the pianist is shaped like a small pebble covered in the same moon gold 22.5 karat gold leaf.

Harmony Of Nature Goldfinch Piano


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