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The Golden Imperial Egg

Originally sat within the coveted design vault which our resident artist - Goldfinch - keeps for when those special, discerning clients come to us wanting to create something the world has never seen before.
Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss

Hidden inside a 24 Karat Golden Imperial Egg sits a 24 Karat Gold Piano.

The Golden Imperial Egg is a design chosen from the coveted Goldfinch Vault.

Goldfinch is the Edelweiss Artist that can be commissioned to create a unique Live Musical Art Sculpture. 

The Goldfinch vault contains feasible design concepts that are regularly worked on, developed and added to but remain strictly secret.

Very few eyes have ever seen the what’s within the Goldfinch vault and it’s access is only granted in very rare circumstances when we are approached by a bona fide discerning client that come to us wanting to create something that is a world first, never been seen before, truly extraordinary.

The client for the Imperial Egg approached us with a very simple brief.

We had to create and make a centrepiece for a ballroom – it had to be something that had never been made before and would be the first in the world of it’s kind.

The 3D Render presented to the client as the concept.

As a result of the brief and in conversation with the client – they were then offered the chance to be able to access the coveted Goldfinch Design Vault.

They accepted and the Imperial Egg Concept was the concept they settled upon.

Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss
The Imperial Egg is an electronically controlled mechanical egg that closes and opens to reveal it’s hidden treasure inside – a piano covered in 24 Karat Gold.
Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss

Guarding over the treasure hidden inside the Imperial Egg is four guardian lions – carved into design – adding a graphic detail to the story of the Imperial Egg.

Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss

When the Imperial Egg is open – the inside of the Egg is lined with a beautiful black velvet.

Similar to a jewellery box – the contrast of the smooth black velvet showcases the stunning beauty of the amazing jewel – the Golden piano.

The beauty and magic of the Imperial Egg is the 4th dimension that you experience when you get to witness the opening of it.  The true show stopper – as it gradually opens you can hear the sound of live piano music slowly filling the room – before finally open and revealing the 24 Karat Gold self-playing piano.

At the heart of the Golden Imperial Egg is a real, self-playing acoustic grand piano.

The whole sculpture is finished in 24 Karat Gold using a specially developed process that was researched and adapted for this unique commission.

Goldfinch Imperial Egg Piano Edelweiss


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