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The Baby By BasedUpon

The Edelweiss Artist, Goldfinch, worked with the famous art studio BasedUpon to create The Baby.
Goldfinch The Baby Piano

BasedUpon first approached Edelweiss asking for an opportunity to discuss a collaboration that involved converting a popular sculptural table they produced into a Live Musical Art Creation.

They were then offered a meeting with the Edelweiss artist, Goldfinch, to discuss the collaboration in detail.

The challenge which they faced firstly was to fit the piano inside such a small art creation without corrupting the form.

They then wanted to ensure the piano sound – when placed inside – was not impeded by the sculpture.

Goldfinch The Baby Piano

Goldfinch then worked closely with the BasedUpon enhancing and developing the design until all areas of the brief were met.

The Baby by BasedUpon houses the smallest grand piano in the world.

What makes Edelweiss able to make some of the world’s most unique Live Musical Sculptures in the world is the fact we are on the piano makers in  that build the world’s smallest grand piano.


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